An Efficient Post-construction Cleaning Company In London

LAW Construction Cleanup is a top-rated UK contractor that specialises in domestic and commercial post-construction cleaning services. We are based in London and cover the entire metropolitan area and the suburbs within the M25 perimeter. If you have put the final touches of your redecoration or construction project, but find a chaos of debris and building material waste, you should contact us right away! Our highly effective crews will put your premises in order in record-breaking time. 

Unlike many other contractors who put after-builders cleans in their portfolio without having any experience or knowledge in the field, we have specialised exclusively in post-construction cleaning. Thus, we can bring you a much more proficient and quicker service at a competitive price. After-builders cleaning is not something you want to improvise with – trust our knowledgeable and hardworking technicians for the best results available on today’s market!

The Advantages Of Booking Law Construction Cleanup

  • Top-rated cleaners with extensive experience
  • We concentrate exclusively on delivering post-construction services
  • Competitive prices with no hidden fees
  • We serve both domestic and commercial customers
  • Quick and reliable service with guaranteed results
  • COSHH certification
  • Eco-friendly disposal of all waste and debris
  • You can book us seven days per week, including Bank and National Holidays
  • We operate with heavy-duty professional equipment

What Makes Our Crews So Effective?

First and foremost – knowledge. Many of our cleaning technicians have previously worked in some capacity in the building industry. They know their way around a construction site – and are familiar with the disdain that building crews have towards order and keeping the working site clean. This knowledge allows them to address the tasks at hand comprehensively and with a much better understanding than a regular cleaner would have. 

Second – we operate with a result-oriented mindset. When we arrive at a post-construction site, we quickly assess “the damage” and set up our own deadline. Our crews work like a well-oiled machine that stops to nothing before it gets the job done. 

Third – our deadlines. LAW Construction Cleaning is one of the fastest operating contractors in London, and we are immensely proud of this distinction. For all our years of operation, there hasn’t been a deadline that we have failed to meet yet!

Last but not least – the tools we have in our arsenal. Post-construction cleaning is not your lackadaisical dusting and polishing with wet cloth. It is a tough, energy-consuming job that often requires heavy-duty equipment (when we clean commercial premises we may even need industrial-grade machines). Fortunately for our customers, LAW Construction Cleanup has an extensive arsenal of tools for a wide variety of tasks – from paint removal to heavy-duty waste disposal. 

Home After-Builders Clean Help

Domestic customers usually book us after a redecoration or partial interior design brush-up when they need to get rid of the accumulated dust and construction debris. We can quickly remove any residual trace of the building project and restore your home to an orderly and comfortable state. 

When we take on home post-construction jobs, we usually concentrate on the following tasks:

  • Thorough power-vacuum cleaning of the premises to remove the residual dust.
  • Paint drops and stains removal – especially around window and door frames and on the floor.
  • Waste removal – we are fully committed to the eco-friendly disposal of debris and litter and work with a certified sub-contractor to that end.

Commercial Post-construction Cleaning

The after-builders treatment of business premises is by default on a larger scale and poses significantly more difficult challenges. There are three types of packages that we provide:

  • Post-construction cleaning for corporate (office) premises
  • Post-construction cleaning for small-scale commercial premises – stores, restaurants, cafes, local and family-owned businesses, etc.
  • After-builders cleaning for large-scale and industrial premises.

Since every case is individual, the only way to provide you with pricing and deadline estimates is to visit the premises and check their sanitary condition. Please keep in mind that all preliminary visits are non-binding and FREE OF CHARGE!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a home post-construction cleaning package? 

  • Thorough vacuum cleaning and dusting of all rooms
  • Dusting and polishing of all surfaces
  • Careful paint drops removal
  • Wet-mopping of all floors
  • Cleaning of all wall tiles
  • Waste and litter disposal.

How long does an after-builder clean procedure take?

It depends on the size of the premises and their condition. Residential premises rarely require more than 3-4 hours, but large-scale commercial and industrial ones may take more than a day. 

What can I do if I notice a paint stain left after the treatment? 

We usually run a comprehensive quality check after the procedure in the presence of the property owner. If, however, we have missed a small detail, get in touch with us ASAP – we will come and address it right away, and you don’t have to pay anything!