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Legal Quote of the Week: Holmes on Natural Law

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The jurists who believe in natural law seem to me to be in that naive state of mind that accepts what has been familiar and accepted by them and their neighbors as something that must be accepted by all men everywhere.                                                                       U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.,… Continue Reading

Legal Quote of the Week: Statutes of Limitation

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Statutes of limitation find their justification in necessity and convenience rather than logic. They represent expedients, rather than principles. They are practical and pragmatic devices to spare the courts from litigation of stale claims, and the citizen from being put to his defense after memories have faded, witnesses have died or disappeared, and evidence has… Continue Reading

Roger Traynor Quote On Contracts and Risk Allocation

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The late California Supreme Court Justice Roger Traynor wrote about contract risk allocation over 60 yeas ago.  Other than my shortening the periods in his prose, this is what he said:  The purpose of a contract is to place the risks of performance upon the promisor.  And the relation of the parties, terms of the… Continue Reading