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Performance Bonds and Green Building: Interview With Green Building Law Update’s Chris Cheatham

Posted in Bills and Proposed Legislation, District of Columbia, Green Building and Design, States

Green Building Law Update MastheadChris Birk from SuretyBonds.com recently interviewed Green Building Law Update’s Chris Cheatham about how green building affects performance bonds and the DC green building law.  The interview is informative and I enjoyed listening.  It’s 15 minutes well spent.  Click here to tune-in.




  • Thanks very much Joshua. Do you think someone will come up with a green building performance bond?

  • ^ Chris, thanks for commenting. I suspect some sort of green building assurances will develop. Probably not with surety bonds though. They don’t seem like the best suited means to that end. I suspect it will be something more like an insurance policy than a bond (as if they’re all that different) either offered as supplemental errors and omissions insurance or a kind of default insurance. Like SubGuard for example.

  • A Surety Bond is an agreement subject to the Bond Form. The Surety Bond is usually required for monetary compensation for failure to perform specified acts referenced in the Bond Form.