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Green Building: Arizona Proposes New Minimum Green Design and Green Construction Requirements

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Green Cactus 2.jpgA bill (HB2356) was introduced last week in the Arizona State Legislature that, if enacted, will require certain building and construction projects to achieve at least a silver LEED certification.
Bill Summary
Projects that will need to achieve at least a Silver certification:

  • Each Major Project of a state agency, including state universities and colleges
  • Each Major Project of a school board that receives state funding
  • Each private Major Project that receives at least 50% of its funding from the state
  • All existing public buildings under energy efficiency retrofitting of at least a 35% share of the total value of the existing building, regardless of whether the retrofitting project qualifies as a Major Project

A “Major Project” is:

  • New construction of more than 5,000 gross sq.ft. of occupied or conditioned space
  • Renovation if the cost exceeds 50% of the assessed value of the project and the project is more than 5,000 gross sq.ft. of occupied or conditioned space

The Director of the Arizona State Energy Office will be able to grant waivers of these requirements, including waivers that require a project to achieve a lower level of LEED certification.
The State Energy Office will be required to establish a Green Buildings Advisory Committee composed of representatives from the design, construction, and building operations communities that are involved in Arizona public contracting.
The bill also encourages:

  • Local financing programs for improving weatherization and energy efficiency
  • Energy efficiency job training and education programs

Am I Affected? What Can I Do?
Among the many who this bill could affect are:

  • Designers and contractors working on State of Arizona public projects, public school projects, or local government projects with at least 50% state funding
  • Arizona developers receiving state funding, as well as their investors, partners, and lenders
  • Manufacturers of building materials and equipment that enhance energy efficiency

If this bill could affect you, just click here to take a look at it, identify its sponsors, and keep track of its progress.